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Do you Suffer from Melasma? This Treatment is for You!

If you suffer from Melasma, I SEE you. I see you trying every serum, skin treatment, and medication on the market trying to even out your skintone. I am JUMPING FOR JOY because I now have an effective treatment option for my special Melasma clients. In fact, it's one of the main reasons why I chose Sylfirm X over other radiofrequency microneedling machines. The heat and inflammation caused by other machines and lasers can actually exacerbate melasma.

Sylfirm X on the other hand works by targeting damaged skin cells without affecting the neighbouring healthy skin areas. The technology targets abnormalities in the tissues and blood vessels (i.e. Melasma, Rosacea, Sun Damage, and Pigmentation caused by scarring) while strengthening the skin’s basement membrane, the part of the skin that is responsible for creating healthy tissue moving forward. This accelerates treatment by targeting the root cause of the condition and decreasing the chances of recurrence.

Bringing the best and most advanced anti-aging platforms to Hush clients. Thank you for your loyalty and trust in our science based approach to your anti-aging journey

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