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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my filler treatments? 

Immediately after your treatment you may notice some redness, swelling, tenderness or bruising near the treated area. This is a normal response to injections and it will disappear within a few days. You may take Tylenol for any discomfort as needed.

  • To reduce swelling, you may periodically apply an ice pack to the treated area. 20 mins on, 20 mins off. You may also benefit from taking an antihistamine. Avoid Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) or Aspirin as they may worsen the bruising, Tylenol only.

  • DO NOT drink alcohol on the day of your treatment (it may worsen bruising/swelling).

  • No straining, heavy lifting, vigorous exercise for 48 hours following treatment.

  • Avoid manipulation of the treated areas. If there is a visible bump, do not massage the area. The product will often soften into the skin naturally within a few days.

  • Avoid hot temperatures – hot baths, hot showers, hot saunas, hot tubs, hot yoga, sun tanning, tanning beds – for 2 weeks or until the swelling and redness resolves.

  • Avoid routine dental procedures for 2 weeks after treatment.

  • No make up for 24 hours. If make up is applied, be sure that products and application are brand new, never been used. Old make up harbours bacteria that can cause an infection post treatment.

  • Change your pillowcase. A clean pillowcase is important for cleanliness of the injected area. Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers will naturally degrade and reabsorb in the body like any natural skin component. Your look is best maintained with regular and continued treatments over time. Be sure to schedule your next appointment as per your Nurse Injector’s recommendations.

How do I care for my Toxin treatments? 

It usually takes 3-14 days for results of your treatment to take effect. It Is possible that during this time you may notice some slight unevenness as the muscles may absorb the toxin at different rates. Stronger muscles can take a bit longer to relax than other muscles groups. It’s important to wait the FULL 2 WEEKS for reassessment / touch ups. Touch ups, if needed, are to be done no later than 2 weeks after the initial treatment.

  • No straining, heavy lifting, vigorous exercise for 4 hours following injections. It is known that it takes the toxin approximately 2 hours to bind itself to the nerve terminal to start its work. We do not want to increase circulation and inadvertently move the toxin from where it was injected.

  • Avoid manipulation of area for 4 hours following injections. Do not rub area, wear hats or headbands. In the first week, we do not advise facials, peels, laser treatments or microdermabrasion.

  • Avoid Ibuprofen (Advil/ Motrin) or Aspirin to minimize bruising. If any discomfort you may take Acetaminophen (Tylenol).

  • Avoid lying down for 4 hours. Keep head vertical to prevent migration of the toxin.

  • Avoid Retin – A, Glycolic acid and Vitamin C serums for 24 hours after treatment. Be sure to book your next appointment 3 – 6 months for maintenance of your toxin and prevention.

Can I get Toxin or Filler Treatments after  having a COVID-19 Vaccine?

If you have recently had a covid vaccine or covid booster or any other type of vaccine, please wait 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after vaccine before booking your appointment.

Do you perform liquid nose jobs? 

Client safety is our top priority which is why we do NOT perform liquid nose jobs. We will however, gladly refer you to an experienced plastic surgeon.  

Do you offer PDO threads? 

We wish! Unfortunately, this treatment has not yet been approved in Canada. Once it get's Health Canada's stamp of approval we will be brining this treatment into the clinic. Stay Tuned! 

For any specific treatment questions, please book a consultation. 

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